Publications of Todor Stanev
Articles in journal or book's chapters
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    Keywords: Neutrino propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Neutrino propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Galactic deflection. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: UHECR review. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Neutrino propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Interactions, Photon propagation, Neutrino propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Air showers, Composition measurement. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Interactions, Neutrino propagation. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Propagation, Theoretical review. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Propagation, Extragalactic deflection. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Air showers. [bibtex-entry]

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    Keywords: Propagation, Galactic deflection. [bibtex-entry]

  14. A. Mucke, Ralph Engel, J. P. Rachen, R. J. Protheroe, and Todor Stanev. Monte Carlo simulations of photohadronic processes in astrophysics. Comput. Phys. Commun., 124:290-314, 2000. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Interactions. [bibtex-entry]

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