Publications of Christoph Pfrommer
Articles in journal or book's chapters
  1. Torsten A. Ensslin, Christoph Pfrommer, Volker Springel, and Martin Jubelgas. Cosmic ray physics in calculations of cosmological structure formation. 2006. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology. [bibtex-entry]

  2. Martin Jubelgas, Volker Springel, Torsten A. Ensslin, and Christoph Pfrommer. Cosmic ray feedback in hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy formation. 2006. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology. [bibtex-entry]

  3. Torsten A. Ensslin, Corina Vogt, and Christoph Pfrommer. Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies. 2005. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Magnetic fields (measurements). [bibtex-entry]

  4. Christoph Pfrommer and Torsten A. Ensslin. Estimating galaxy cluster magnetic fields by the classical and hadronic minimum energy criterion. 2004. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Magnetic fields (measurement). [bibtex-entry]


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