Publications of Enrique Gaztanaga
Articles in journal or book's chapters
  1. A. Cabre, Enrique Gaztanaga, M. Manera, P. Fosalba, and F. Castander. Cross-correlation of WMAP 3rd year and the SDSS DR4 galaxy survey: new evidence for Dark Energy. 2006. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology. [bibtex-entry]

  2. Pablo Fosalba, Enrique Gaztanaga, and Francisco J. Castander. Cross-correlating the Microwave Sky with Galaxy Surveys. 2003. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology, Sources. [bibtex-entry]

  3. Enrique Gaztanaga and J. Wagg. 3-point temperature anisotropies in WMAP: Limits on CMB non-Gaussianities and non-linearities. Phys. Rev., D68:021302, 2003. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology, Small-scale anisotropies. [bibtex-entry]

  4. F. Bernardeau, S. Colombi, E. Gaztanaga, and R. Scoccimarro. Large-scale structure of the universe and cosmological perturbation theory. Phys. Rept., 367:1-248, 2002. [WWW ]
    Keywords: Cosmology. [bibtex-entry]


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