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The Auger group of the APC is implied in technical tasks of the Observatory in particular in the manufacture of the electronic board (Unified Board) in the Local Stations and the monitoring of the surface detector (Big Brother). It also takes part very actively in the three principal fields of research: the event reconstruction (energy and incidence angles) and the spectrum study at ultra high energies; the search of sources and anisotropies; the composition study of the primary cosmic rays (search for photon candidates and hadron composition).


The search for UHECR anisotropies (sources and large scale patterns) is a major goal of Auger, and requires also subtle studies of the surface detector acceptance.

Composition of cosmic rays at the extreme energies

This page briefly explains the importance to study the nature of the ultra high energy cosmic rays in order to constrain their production models. It also presents the strategy of the group and the first results published.

Event reconstruction

The goal of the Auger event reconstruction is to estimate, starting from times and amplitudes of the signals integrated by tanks touched by an atmospheric shower, the direction and the energy of the primary cosmic ray. The detailed study of the shape of the recorded signals provides invaluable information on the curvature of the front of secondary particles and its thickness, and makes it possible to separate the contribution from the electromagnetic component on the ground (electrons and photons) from that of the muons. The measured values of these parameters are then used to study the composition of the cosmic rays.


Our laboratory is in charge, for the Southern Site, of the electronics of the 1600 Local Stations and the associated acquisition software.
The role of this electronics, the so called Unified Board (UB), is to perform the acquisition of the data (from the PMTs and the FrontEnd board), the calibration, the precise measurement of the particle arrival time, the monitoring and the dialog with the Central Station.
The software running in every Local Station has been written by APC engineers and physicists. It uses the real time OS9000 system.

BigBrotherAcces restreint

BigBrother is a set of programs that monitors the behaviour of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

Auger Deployment EvolutionAcces restreint

Acces restreint
This page (access restricted to Auger members) allows to see the current status of the Auger deployment. Various movies versions (in mpg and flash format) as well as images and files are downloadable.